Disposable mask

Product description

[Product name] disposable mask

[Executive standards] GB / T32610-2016 technical specifications of daily protective masks

[Product model specifications] Flat ear-hook type, large (17.5 * 9cm)

[Scope of application and use] It is used for respiratory protection of related personnel, and can filter micro-blocking droplets and various microorganisms in the air.

[Instructions] Wear on mouth and nose

[Notes] 1 product valid for 2 years

            2 Single use only

            3 The packaging is broken and prohibited to use

            4 Caution for those who are allergic to nonwovens

            5 Please refer to the instructions before use

[Contraindications] None

[Special storage conditions and methods] Store in a non-corrosive gas and well-ventilated room where the relative humidity does not exceed 80%, and avoid high temperatures.